Bad ground? Broken wirelines? Jammed core tubes?

  • REFLEX’s innovative REFLEX EZ-LATCH™ system has been designed to alleviate these problems.
  • Significantly reduces resistance against locking coupling.

Can you afford not to be using the REFLEX EZ-LATCH™?

Eliminating one rod trip easily covers the initial tool outlay. One snapped wireline prevention can pay for several tools.

Additional Benefits

360° spearpoint rotation, 120° arc with 3 detent positions One tool covers N and H, with another covering H and P core diameters, meaning reduced inventory and outlay Robust & lightweight design with quality steel for maximum component life.

Reliable spearpoint connection – factory press-fit assembled for assured connection Upgraded latch and latch pin design for greater endurance in the field Compatible with all brands of running gear POSI-CONNECT™ spearpoint available separately to upgrade existing head assemblies

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