Avoid the cost of drilling delays

  • Multifunctional, easy to operate and highly accurate
  • Minimise the unproductive time usually associated with survey set up
  • Transfer vital surveydata quickly and efficiently

Multifunctional, easy to operate and highly accurate

The REFLEX EZ-TRAC is a digital downhole survey instrument that is also robust and reliable.

Minimise the unproductive time usually associated with survey set up

The easy to operate REFLEX EZ-TRAC  only requires aluminum extension rods to be added to place the instrument away from magnetic interference caused by drilling equipment and it is ready to use. The user friendly EZ-COM II makes it easy to set up and execute the survey, with results automatically calculated and displayed on the handheld unit, eliminating the risk of human error.

Transfer vital downhole data quickly and efficiently

The in-built infrared communication link allows the REFLEX EZ-TRAC to transfer vital downhole data quickly and efficiently via a handheld computer to REFLEX HUB, allowing instant comprehensive analysis.

Get instant survey data wherever you are, as you need it. The REFLEX EZ-TRAC is capable of performing single shot, multi-shot and orientation surveys which means that a drilling crew only has to be trained once to cover all surveying needs. The unit is operated by either a rugged RECON pocket PC device, or by using the REFLEX EZ-COM Blue, a dedicated control unit developed by REFLEX.

Highly accurate, the REFLEX EZ-TRAC performs surveys on all hole orientations including vertical.

Unlike older photographic cameras the REFLEX EZ-TRAC can measure the total magnetic field and display background magnetic strength in nano tesla (nT).

Robust and reliable, the REFLEX EZ-TRAC is built to withstand harsh treatment. The 35 mm integrated pressure barrel is sealed against water entry and has a depth rating of 5,000m. The durable design of the REFLEX EZ-TRAC ensures a minimum amount of time and cost for maintenance and repair.

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