Optimal exploratory data analysis software for the detection of patterns, anomalies and relationships in your geochemical and geometallurgical data.

  • Industry best practice in interpretive techniques

  • Streamlined data import and workflows

  • Basic statistical outputs through to advanced robust multivariate data analysis

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Download ioGAS 6.2.1

Download the latest version of ioGAS by clicking on the links below. Maintained clients can install this version over the top of your current 6.1 installation. For more information about what’s new in ioGAS 6.2 please refer to the Help file within ioGAS.

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What’s new in ioGAS 6.2.1?

The latest ioGAS version contains the following new features:

The stereonet plotting functionality in ioGAS includes the ability to plot lineations and planes, determine means per colour group, calculate beta axes, change plot projection on-the-fly and produce in-built calculated statistical reports.

ioGAS supports equal area (Schmidt net), equal angle (Wulff net) and orthographic stereonet projections. Colour attribute by structure group and modify the display using the stereonet visibility and rotation controls. Add user planes directly onto the stereonet or from a file.

Place User Plane











Planes, lineations, poles and user planes coloured by structural type.

Rotate and View Orthographic Plot











Shaded planes in rotated stereonet.

Calculate Pi Diagram Example











Calculated great circles and beta axes.

Random Data Subsampling
Reduce large datasets down to a manageable size for analysis in ioGAS by generating a random subsample of data. Patterns or trends obtained in the subsampled data can also be compared with those obtained from the entire dataset to test for sampling bias.   Random Subsample New

Scatter plots of 20% random subsample by colour group.


Scatter plots of entire dataset.

Pairwise Scatter Plots

XY (or YX) Plot created for each selected variable pair: Variable 1 vs Variable 2, Variable 3 vs Variable 4, etc. First variable in each pair used as the X axis and the second variable as the Y axis. Useful for displaying data collected by different analytical methods or for XRF calibration. Requires an even number of selected variables.

Scatter Plot Pairwise Example


In a typical correlation plot, the general trend as indicated by the correlation coefficient may not be representative of any local trend. In order to examine local trends within a global trend a technique referred to glinking may be applied.

In ioGAS, glinking can be used with data displayed in scatter plots, pairwise scatter plots or a scatter plot matrix. Glinking renders lines between the data points based on a defined grouping field (e.g. Hole ID) and ordered according to a continuous variable (e.g. Depth To).

Glinking Example

Single drillhole with glinking enabled showing local spatial positive correlation between Al and Fe at depth.

Regression through the Origin

New mode added to Show Regression Lines in scatter plots, pairwise scatter plots and scatter plot matrix. To display regression lines through the origin (RTO) hold down the Shift key and release before cycling through the display options.

Regression Through Origin Example










Scatter plot regression lines through origin and tooltip information.

Additional Improvements

File Menu

Open files using ‘drag and drop’ from Windows Explorer.

Browse to Folder option.

Drillhole and stereonet demonstration data files.

Open XRF Data

  • Copy Error vs Concentration plots using Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V
  • Defaults to Professional XRF detection limits
  • Improved handling of 0 data columns



Data Menu

Column Properties

  • Special columns automatically assigned as text or numeric instead of non-plot



Analysis Menu

PCA, DPA & CLR – Improved overwrite column handling with option to add suffix

Summary Statistics

  • Percentiles added – 3, 87, 90 & 93 (match Attribute Manager bin ranges)
  • Lambda (Box Cox) – No Trim & 2% Trim values
  • Tukey Outlier & Far Outlier Threshold, Min & Max Regular Whisker values



Graph Menu

Downhole Plot and Line Plots

  • Set gap threshold for drawing lines
  • Show/Hide lines

Mineral Nodes

  • Updated alteration assemblages

XY plot

  • R2 values added to standard Regression tooltip

Split Probability Plots

  • Configure render settings



Map Menu

Google Earth KMZ Export

  • Option to add ID column as name/placemark

Attribute Map

  • Reverse sizing ramp options

Ranked Variable Map

  • Reverse sizing ramp options
  • Render by increasing or decreasing values


  • Configure render settings added to Attribute Map Overlay



Diagrams, Calculations and Spider Plots

Select aliased variable to use when multiple are present. Edit diagrams using preferred XML editor.

Provided Diagrams:

  • Frost & Frost, 2008
    • Alkalinity Index vs SiO2
    • Aluminum Saturation Index vs SiO2
  • IOCG Alteration Discrimination Diagram
  • IUGS Classification Diagrams




Improved missing variable reporting and handling


ioGAS Version displayed in application titlebar.

Workflow Analysis Program.

Upgrade to Java 8 and support for Access and SQL Server drivers.

Installer signed with SHA-2 Certificate.

For more information about the new features in ioGAS 6.2 please refer to the Help Menu. 

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