Optimal exploratory data analysis software for the detection of patterns, anomalies and relationships in your geochemical and geometallurgical data.

  • Industry best practice in interpretive techniques
  • Streamlined data import and workflows
  • Basic statistical outputs through to advanced robust multivariate data analysis

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The REFLEX ioGAS exploratory data analysis software includes a number of features and tools designed to efficiently interpret your data all in one easy-to-use program.

Using the ioGAS dynamic graphical environment, the colour, size and shape of data points can be varied independently and updated across all displays based on selections and attributes in your data. In addition to our univariate, multivariate and customised analysis tools, REFLEX ioGAS provides inbuilt libraries of commonly used calculations, data normalisations and classification diagrams all at the click of a mouse button.

Analysis results that would normally take many hours to produce using traditional tools can be generated in a fraction of the time using REFLEX ioGAS. REFLEX ioGAS can also be used to measure geometallurgical parameters and incorporate them into resource models to better estimate plant throughput rates, processing costs, ore recovery and improve mine planning.

Compile rock properties such as specific gravity, multi-element or phase specific data from exploration or grade control data. Estimate mineral compositions, hardness, grindability, liberation or acid consumption parameters and quickly generate maps of deleterious elements that could impact downstream processing.

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