Inefficient collection and transfer of paper based data from remote sites results in ineffective management, billing and performance reporting for mining services companies. While these companies are acutely aware of the cost of such inefficiencies, the adverse impact of incompetent, paper based accreditation systems on the companies is most significant.

Delays experienced in the transfer of data through the current, error prone, manual approach to accreditation exposes Mining Services to significant health and safety risks and associated damages due to inaccessibility of accurate, timely information. Unreliable and incomplete information compromises the integrity of the information for reporting.

Whether in the Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas or even Civil industries, real time access to accurate and auditable information is critical to making timely decisions, confidently and results in efficient management of both individual projects and the company as a whole.

Training, Competency and Accreditation

The monitoring and approval of duly completed training, competency evaluations and accreditations are available through REFLEX Mobile to ensure that your HR requirements are fulfilled. Information is available in real time, with assessments immediately accessible, in an easy to understand format, through REFLEX HUB.
Data captured and validated remotely, on-site, is measured against existing accreditation data through REFLEX HUB. This automated data flow and corroboration significantly reduces the time required for the submission of accreditations for compliance.

Fleet Maintenance and Management

Data from the on-site fleet is collected and sent to REFLEX HUB, in real time, ensuring up to the minute monitoring of all vehicles and equipment. Notifications in line with existing business practices can be included to reduce the risk of unnecessary and extended downtime, minimising the associated costs due to time delays and under-utilised equipment.

This allows decisions to be made on both team and equipment performance immediately, rather than waiting for days and sometimes weeks for paper based reports, with the risk of ongoing inefficiencies effecting performance before the issue is detected.
REFLEX Mobile forms are not limited in their application and are suitable for a wide range of equipment. As a result, information on all equipment across an operation can be monitored, simply and efficiently, to provide a full view of performance across the site and across the business.

REFLEX HUB – Operational efficiencies

Efficient remote data collection

Input of data into the REFLEX Mobile Form, on-site by means of an iPad or similar android device, allows the data to be collected remotely and made available within minutes via REFLEX HUB. Existing business rules and logic can be customised within each form and workflow to ensure minimal change to existing processes and consequently easy adoption.

Reliable information

With automated rules around the inclusion of mandatory fields and validation of the data, only correctly completed and validated forms are submitted to REFLEX HUB for further analysis or integration with existing client systems.

Advanced Search Function

Information is readily accessible through the advanced search function included in REFLEX HUB.

Freedom of customisation

Most existing solutions require significant investment in order to be customised to meet a client’s specific requirements. REFLEX HUB can be easily and inexpensively customised to communicate with any existing legacy solution and has regularly developed to replace these systems in order to increase efficiencies and simplify work flows.

Automated forms and reports provide auditable data for efficient management

Mobile forms including Inspection, Compliance, Pre-start, Shift, Safety and Accreditation are just a few examples of the forms available for import into REFLEX HUB. Data from these forms is then exported to existing client programmes for simple interpretation in real time. Decisions on performance, maintenance or management can be made confidently and in a timely manner, based on the validated information immediately available. An audit trail of data and forms provides a reliable base for forecasting and planning.


In order to ensure visibility of all applicable information across the business, REFLEX HUB allows an unlimited number of users. As specialists in remote data collection, management and analysis, REFLEX ensures all clients have access to the information they need, in real time.

Efficient reporting and billing

Immediate access to reliable, validated information enables the efficient reporting of all activity on-site, and allows billing to progress in a timely manner. Cash flow management is an essential part of any operation, efficient finance procedures possible with access to information in real time assists in ensuring efficient cash flow.

With simple and fast implementation or staged implementation strategies to suit, access to a customised REFLEX Mobile solution to meet clients’ specific requirements can be achieved in a very short time.


Access to REFLEX HUB provides significant benefits for clients in terms of security, reliability and auditability of data. REFLEX HUB is currently trusted by companies around the globe as the single source for their exploration, mining and production data.

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