Booth #0323 – 0327, Exhibit Halls D & E – South Building

PDAC 2018 – Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Canada

See why we have been chosen as one of PDAC’s must-see booths for our latest advancements in downhole navigation, drilling optimisation and structural geology.

FREE workshop schedule

Price: FREE
Location: Caledon/Oakville Rooms. PDAC 2018 – Metro Toronto Convention Centre.
Date: Monday 5th March


10 – 10:45am Structural-IQ – How to Gather Fast, Accurate Structural Data From Your Drill Core
11 – 11:45am Celebrating 10 years of ioGAS™
2 – 2:45pm Harder, Better, Faster, Smarter: What Does it Really Mean to Optimise Drilling?

About our workshops

Harder, Better, Faster, Smarter: What Does it Really Mean to Optimise Drilling?

Presented by Troy Giesler – AMC Global General Manager 

As drilling practises become more professional, and we embrace higher safety and quality standards – how do we generate and maintain improvement in productivity? In this workshop, we discuss what it really means to OPTIMISE drilling. Automatic dosing, remote monitoring, real-time reporting and driller-operable innovations – how will these impact the day-to-day for drilling operations. We will be demonstrating IMDEX’s latest innovations and generating thought on how to drill faster, safer and smarter. We will also be giving a SNEAK PEEK into our newly acquired technologies, revolutionising RC drilling and increasing productivity by up to 30%.

This presentation will be available by request in Spanish presented by Sergio Jiménez – Regional Manager South America

Celebrating 10 Years of ioGAS™

Presented by Dave Lawie – Chief Geoscientist & Chief Technologist Mining Solutions

The world leading interpretive geoanalytical software ioGAS™ is celebrating 10years! As the industry has evolved, more importance is placed on getting answers from data, fast. ioGAS™ software allows users to effortlessly detect patterns, anomalies and relationships in geoscience data. At PDAC, Dave Lawie is running a FREE workshop that will cover the new interface, workflows and features in ioGAS™ v7.0. See why industry experts prefer to use ioGAS™ for all their geological interpretation needs.

Structural-IQ – How to Gather Fast, Accurate Structural Data From Your Drill Core

Presented by Michelle Carey – Global Manager Integrated Solutions

Trusting your structural data being collected is imperative for making fast, confident business decisions. Leading industry expert Michelle Carey is sharing in a FREE workshop at PDAC about the newest industry tools to enable faster and more accurate collection of structural data. This workshop will explore in-field collection methods, integration with survey data and plotting and interpretation. See where the future of structural geology is headed in mineral exploration and mining.


About our Speakers

Dave Lawie

Dave Lawie

Chief Geoscientist & Chief Technologist Mining Solutions

Dave Lawie is a graduate of the University of New England and has held global positions in Exploration Geochemistry and R&D with both Pasminco and Anglo American before joining ioGlobal as Managing Director in 2004. ioGlobal provided geochemistry and geometallurgical consulting services, cloud based data management and the ioGAS desktop analytics. In late 2012 ioGlobal was sold to IMDEX. As Chief Geoscientist for IMDEX and Chief Technologist for IMDEX Mining Solutions, Dave’s role now involves rolling out these services through a global network and moving IMDEX into real-time, at rig technologies, from exploration through to production.

Michelle Carey

Michelle Carey

Global Manager Integrated Solutions

Michelle has over 20 years’ industry experience in an array of geochemical specialist and senior management roles. Michelle has worked for companies including WMC Resources and BHP Billiton. In her time with ioGlobal and now with IMDEX. Michelle has been involved in delivering innovative new technology into the exploration and mining sector. Michelle is currently leading IMDEX in the architecture and promotion of our end-to-end solutions.

Troy Giesler

Troy Giesler

Chief Executive AMC

As Global General Manager for AMC, Troy works closely with IMDEX’s regions, leading teams to think beyond the supply of quality drilling fluids and investing in technology for new ways to drill safely, effectively and sustainably. Troy has numerous years’ experience in the minerals and oil & gas sectors, with senior roles at M-I Swaco and owning a representation company in the petroleum industry for 7 years. Troy works with resource companies to achieve the best possible core sample for the best possible price. Throughout his career, he has worked closely with drillers, drilling fluid engineers, contractors in drill stem testing and cementing, giving him a broad understanding of the challenges faced in the minerals and construction industries.

Sergio Jiménez

Sergio Jiménez

Regional Manager South America

Sergio graduated with honours in Civil Engineering from the Universidad de Concepción in Chile, specializing in Electronics and Industrial Processes Optimisation. He has worked for over 9 years for IMDEX including roles from Operations to Management. As Regional Manager, Sergio leads the innovation, manufacturing and development of AMC drilling fluids and technologies in the Americas, actively involved in supporting and driving the technological change to the South American mining and drilling industries. Sergio is highly knowledgeable in the topic of Drilling Optimisation and has played a key role in the implementation of leading technologies such as the AMC SRU™ and AMC BOS™.