What it is

It’s part of the running gear that is specifically engineered to be integrated with the EZ-GYRO to replace a traditional wire-line Overshot and that takes a downhole survey when the inner core tube is being retrieved.

What it does

It facilitates the delivery of the EZ-GYRO into a position to take a survey down-hole, it also collects the inner core tube from the drilling barrel at the same time.

Key benefits:

  • More effective & faster release of the inner core tube assembly – due to the fully integrated “Dry Release” system
  • Significant time saving from doing the inner tube retrieval & survey at the same time – just one wire-line trip instead of two. This is due to the integrated Overshot & Gyroscopic Survey System
  • ROTA-LOCK Overshot has an adjustable latch dry-release feature that allows the Driller to set exactly how many pulls on the wire-line (up to 6 settings) he wants to automatically Dry-release the inner core tube
  • The ROTA-LOCK also has a new and easy to use positive safety Latch Locking feature to minimise accidental release of the Overshot latches from the Inner Core Tube Spear-point when handling the assembly out of the borehole



  • Diamond drilling only – Standard N to P size core grade size using standard ‘Pin Spear’ Bottom Hole Arrangement
  • Can be used as a stand-alone compact Overshot with integrated automatic Dry-release mechanism and safety latch locking feature


Q - How long does it take?
A – as a Gyro, as little as 1 minute
Q – Is it safe?
A – Yes the ROTA-LOCK system has a Positive Latch Locking Mechanism that also uses heavy duty contoured lifting Dogs
Q – Is it longer than a traditional Wire-Line Overshot?
A – No, it is a compact and lightweight design that does not require a traditional Jar-Bar assembly.


  • Overshot, Survey, Inner-tube, dry-release