The ultimate tool for deep, inclined holes, delivering significant time, productivity and cost savings.

  • Cut wedge setting time in half at all depths.
  • The next generation of the original steel wedge bypass system.
  • Specifically designed to save time and reduce costs.

Save Time

REFLEX’s SMART WEDGE reduces the time required to set the wedge bypass system from four hours up to a full shift. An additional four hours is saved through the self orientation feature at depth, significantly reducing operating costs.

Easy to Use

The REFLEX SMART WEDGE is constructed in 1.5m sections for easy handling and assembly, both on the surface and underground. The lighter wedge and new blunt nose design also make it safer and easier to handle.


The REFLEX SMART WEDGE’s new gravity orientation system has been proven to hold the tool face within 5 degrees of the selected orientation target. You can be confident the REFLEX SMART WEDGE will not only set accurately, but will also save time.

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