Drilling Optimisation

Down Hole equipment to enhance drilling performance

REFLEX’s range of downhole drilling solutions allows the drilling operation to progress towards important targets in a safe and cost effective manner.  Directional control systems such as Downhole Motors and deflection wedges, steer drill holes towards areas of interest and optimise exploration budgets to ensure high value per meter drilled.

REFLEX works closely alongside one of the world’s leading brands of drilling fluids and equipment, AMC and our parent company, Imdex Limited.  As specialists in Drilling Optimisation, AMC aims to redefine the way drilling fluids, equipment, technology and software are used, to ensure execution of drilling programs to spec, on time, within budget and safely.

AMC has built a unique understanding of challenges and conditions in industries such as Mining, HDD, Waterwell, Geotechnical, Civil Construction, CBM & Geothermal and Drill & Blast.  With support from REFLEX, AMC helps clients overcome challenges by redesigning drilling operations from beginning to end. Processes where high quality drilling fluids, specialty equipment, expert technical support, real-time data management, training and education, research and development, supply chain control and distribution merge to make a measured and positive contribution to productivity.

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Rig Alignment

Real-time Information

Real-time Cloud based Data Access

Bottom Hole Assembly

Core Extraction

In-hole lubricating