When ioGAS starts on Windows 7 I get a message that it is an unknown publisher and needs my permission to start. Is this safe and can I stop this message from appearing every time I start the program?

A: In version 4.4 and older, this means that the program does not have a valid Windows 7 digital signature and is not unusual for older programs which are not yet Windows 7 certified.  ioGAS is a legitimate program which does not yet have a digital signature.  To prevent this dialog from appearing everytime the program is started change your User Account Control (UAC) settings. See http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/Windows7/What-is-User-Account-Control for more information.

In ioGAS version 4.5, ioGAS is Windows 7 certified, which means this message should not appear anymore when you start the program.

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