Confident geological and geotechnical decisions based on reliable orientation data.

Now in real-time.


  • Ensure the accuracy of your data
  • Have confidence in the reliability and precision of your instrument
  • Instant access to results
  • REFLEX ACT-IQ™, powered by IMDEXHUB-IQ™



The REFLEX ACT-IQ™ core tool is now connected to and powered by the award winning cloud based IMDEXHUB-IQ™, enabling real-time data access with a secure chain of custody.

Ensure the accuracy of your data

The REFLEX ACT-IQ™ controller displays accelerometer data collected via time stamping technology, including depth values, (when entered at each orientation), inclination, roll, gravity, temperature and all button presses. Unique sequence logic prevents the recording of incorrect data and also eliminates operator error, ensuring the accuracy of data.

Improved Operational Efficiency

The two tool system of the REFLEX ACT-IQ™ ensures that while one tool is down the hole, the other is ready for the next run, with no interruption to drilling operations.

Rugged and reliable, precision of your instrument

The REFLEX ACT-IQ™ is designed to withstand the harshest conditions and treatment in the bottom-of-hole environment. Longevity and precision are important factors in any core drilling operation, the improved rapid descent system and ergonomic design further enhance the reliability of the instrument.







REFLEX ACT-IQ™ is a digital core orientation system that records the orientation of the core sample and other key
data in core drilling operations. It has a patented rapid descent system that reduces time to complete core recovery.
It delivers exceptional accuracy, while being easy to use and reliable in harsh field conditions and is the preferred core
orientation system for drillers and geologists worldwide. Its high level of data accuracy leads to better understanding
of the geological structure, ultimately resulting in enhanced drill program management and geotechnical planning.





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Download REFLEX ACT-IQ™ Brochure

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