December 8, 2019

DRILL HAX – What is True North?

True North, Magnetic North, Grid North… do you know the difference between them? Are you choosing the correct tool? Hear from IMDEX in-house experts Michelle Carey, Vince Sullivan and Nick Payne, explaining these critical calculations. Vic
November 26, 2019

Readying for next phase of tech take-up

Productivity demands have heightened the reliance that mining companies are placing on automation, big data and digital applications, potentially changing the face of mining. The transformative impact of the digital revolution has been felt in virtually every sector of the economy, upending business models and operational practices, but the mining sector has mostly retained its traditional characteristics. But change is afoot. A 2019 report by Perth research firm State of Play, based on a survey of 800 executives from 399 mining and service companies, found that business models virtually unchanged for the past 20 years face imminent disruption. “‘Technological change […]