Accuracy insurance for core orientation

  • Maximum protection of the core sample

  • Core orientation mark preserved, confidence in your data

  • Safe, low cost alternative to traditional extraction methods

  • Available in all core sizes



Core sample protection

Using the REFLEX CORE REMOVAL TOOL™ in the extraction process means the drill crew no longer need to strike the core with hammers or other hard objects in order to release it from the core lifter case. Protecting the ends of the core sample from impact damage will result in the ability to join the ends together with greater confidence in the accuracy of the logging process. Use of the REFLEX CORE REMOVAL TOOL™ protects the core orientation markings significantly.


Increased safety

Downtime and drill crew safety is significantly improved with reduction in flying rock chips leaving the inside of the tool. The chance of creating numerous fragments of core is significantly reduced with any fragmented sections safely captured within the tool. The REFLEX CORE REMOVAL TOOL™ remains securely attached to the core innertube throughout the core removal process resulting in reduced drop related injuries. Injury sustained from swinging hammers against the core sample are also greatly reduced.


Ergonomic design

The REFLEX CORE REMOVAL TOOL™ was specifically designed for driller use. The design is free of sharp edges or pinch points reducing the incidence of crush injuries and impact injury is minimised when using the REFLEX CORE REMOVAL TOOL™ to remove core samples from the lifter case.

Removing core from the innertube can be laborious, unsafe and result in damage to the core sample. The REFLEX CORE REMOVAL TOOL™ is an effective, safe and low cost alternative to traditional extraction methods.

By using the tool to remove core from the drill rod, safety of the driller/operator is significantly improved through the REFLEX CORE REMOVAL TOOL™’s ergonomic design and unique ‘hands-free’ magnetic clamping mechanism. The REFLEX CORE REMOVAL TOOL™ ensures maximum protection of the core sample and core orientation mark to preserve accuracy of the core retrieved and reduce human risk and error


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