A: In ioGAS version 4.5, ioGAS can be run by users with non-administrator login permissions. User configuration and licensing files, along with a log.txt file, are now under the following file location: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\ioGAS.
In ioGAS version 5.1 and later, ioGAS licensing files can also be found under the following file location:  C:\ProgramData\ioGAS.

In version 4.4 and older, we recommend installing ioGAS under an Administrator log-in.  Users need to have read/write permission to the ..\\Program Files\ioAnalytics\ioGAS folder or ..\\Program Files (x86)\ioAnalytics\ioGAS folder as there are a number of configuration and temporary files which are updated in here along with a log.txt file which is used for reference if there is a problem.