Driller operable natural gamma logging delivering significant cost and time savings

  • Avoid costs and delays of specialist technicians and logging trucks on site
  • As easy to deploy as any core orientation or survey instrument
  • Results available in minutes of completing the survey rather than days





Access to data in real time

Following the survey, the gamma data are downloaded from the instrument to a handheld computer using wireless technology. The gamma log, uploaded in real time to REFLEX HUB can be accessed anywhere and at any time. The data can be approved before the rods are pulled and the rig moves on.

Avoid expensive operational delays

The driller-operable natural gamma logging instrument has been designed for use by on-site personnel, negating the need for a costly specialist technician together with logging truck, on site.

Designed for the tough mining environment

Designed to be both shock and vibration resistant, the REFLEX EZ-GAMMA™ is maintenance-free, requiring only periodic conformance checking and servicing.

The cost of having a trained technician on site to perform your gamma logging in order to identify the rock type and geological correlation, is substantial, as is the time required for the technician to travel, together with the logging truck, to site to perform the task.

Now, using the REFLEX EZ-GAMMA™, drilling crews or geologists can perform the same task, as efficiently, accurately and easily as they would any survey or core orientation.

For the first time, gamma logging can be accurately performed using the self-contained and robust REFLEX EZ-GAMMA™.

By negating the need for a logging truck and technical specialist on site, resource companies already paying significant daily rates for these services can now look forward to considerable savings with respect to their gamma logging. Where the cost of traditional gamma logging has been prohibitive for some companies, there is now a real opportunity to gain valuable insights as to the characterisation of their rock with access to accurate information from the cost-effective REFLEX EZ-GAMMA™.

With these cost and time savings, come additional quality control with real-time access to the gamma log at the drill rig by means of a handheld display. This allows any decisions to be made immediately while confirming that the logging has been successfully completed.



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