The cost of a misaligned borehole can be significant

  • Highly accurate with simple control
  • Full perspective provided through information feedback
  • Minimise tool damage and associated costs


Improved accuracy and simple control

Identify any borehole deviations simply and efficiently with the REFLEX EZ-SHOT™. The REFLEX EZ-SHOT™ is a totally self contained, single shot instrument that is controlled via an integrated keypad with information on tool retrieval available immediately on the LCD display once the tool as been recovered.

Full perspective provided through information feedback

The seven parameters measured in one shot provide a full perspective on the borehole direction, temperature and magnetic measurements.

Minimise tool damage and associated costs

Built to withstand the rugged drilling environment, the self contained REFLEX EZ-SHOT™ includes integrated electronics, control panel and batteries for simple, reliable use.

REFLEX EZ-SHOT® is an electronic single shot instrument, ideal for carrying out a limited number of rapid surveys in a non-magnetic environment.

On retrieval of the instrument from the borehole drilling results can be read on the integrated display without an external computer.

A Quality Check function with a predetermined magnetic threshold highlights survey data that is outside the range of acceptable magnetic interference.

Low power consumption in combination with a long-life lithium battery pack, allows many years of normal use between battery replacements.

The REFLEX EZ-SHOT™ fits most standard commercial running gear from B* to P*. Survey kits can be provided in two standard configurations; 36 and 38mm

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