Avoid the cost of drilling delays

  • Multifunctional, easy to operate and highly accurate
  • Minimise the unproductive time usually associated with survey set up
  • Transfer vital survey data securely, in real-time
  • New app, reduces human error



Multifunctional, easy to operate and highly accurate

The REFLEX EZ-TRAC 1.5™ is a digital downhole survey instrument that is also robust and reliable.

Transfer vital downhole data quickly and efficiently

The REFLEX EZ-TRAC 1.5™ is able to transfer vital downhole data in real-time via our new android based REFLEX EZ-TRAC 1.5™ App available on a REFLEX supplied tablet. Built using our industry preferred user interface, the user friendly REFLEX EZ-TRAC 1.5™ App on handheld device will operate the tool, execute surveys and sync the data to the IMDEXHUB-IQ™ at the press of a button.

Results are automatically calculated and displayed on the handheld device, eliminating the risk of human error, and survey data uploaded into IMDEXHUB-IQ™ can be accessed by geologists anywhere, any time.

Minimise the unproductive time usually associated with survey set up

The REFLEX EZ-TRAC 1.5™ workflow is now more efficient, user friendly and with less steps involved reduces human errors.
Minimum time is required to set up for surveying because the tool only requires aluminium extension rods to be added to place
the instrument away from magnetic interference, caused by drilling equipment, and it is ready to use.


The REFLEX EZ-TRAC 1.5™ is capable of performing single shot, multi-shot and orientation surveys; this means that a drilling crew only has to be trained once to cover all surveying needs. The unit is operated by a rugged handheld device and can connect to the IMDEXHUB-IQ™.

Highly Accurate
The REFLEX EZ-TRAC 1.5™ is a high precision magnetic and gravimetric instrument. Three fluxgate magnetometers measure the local geomagnetic field and provide the azimuth relative to magnetic north. The REFLEX EZ-TRAC 1.5™ performs surveys in all directions – including vertical – with high accuracy. Unlike older photomechanical survey instruments, the REFLEX EZ-TRAC 1.5™ can measure the total magnetic field in nano Telsa (nT) and immediately indicate the quality of the azimuth.

Robust and Reliable
The REFLEX EZ-TRAC 1.5™ is built to take harsh treatment. The 35mm integrated pressure barrel is totally sealed against water entry and has a depth rating of 5,000m. The robust and durable design of the REFLEX EZ-TRAC 1.5™ ensures a minimum amount of time and cost for maintenance and repair.


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