Make good decisions with confidence, regardless of the environment you’re in.

  • Lower your surveying costs without the need for a GYRO contractor
  • Superior survey data is easy to access in a range of formats.
  • Accurate results in magnetic and non magnetic environments


Lower your surveying costs without the need for a survey contractor

The highly sophisticated technology included in the REFLEX GYRO™ is simple to use yet  providing accurate survey results. The ease of use negates the need for a survey contractor on-site, reducing your drilling costs significantly.

Superior survey data is easy to access in a range of formats

A large range of data types, including directional data (azimuth and dip), temperature, time and roll are recorded in the onboard memory. Reports can be run through any Windows operating system and are available in xls, dxf, ASCII and ODS formats.

Accurate results in magnetic and non magnetic environments

Unaffected by magnetic interference and used inside all types of drill rods or in magnetically disturbed ground, the REFLEX GYRO™ eliminates the need to use non magnetic drill pipe configurations.

For proven reliability and accuracy, the REFLEX GYRO™ includes a digital surface referenced MEMS-gyro. Survey data, once brought to the surface, can be transferred from the onboard memory to the field PC via a high-speed Bluetooth connection. The full set of data readings is then processed using the advanced REFLEX GMIT™5 navigation. As a completely remote and fully time stamped survey tool, the REFLEX GYRO™ does not require a live wireline or additional equipment such as winches for operation.

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GMIT 5 controls the advanced REFLEX GYRO™ and High Temperature Gyro Smart instruments.

The software guides the operator through the survey process from survey set-up and tool connection, to pre-survey alignment, azimuth input, survey execution, post-survey alignment and downloading of gyro and accelerometer data.

Easy data interpretation through the 3D graphical display

GMIT 5 has been specifically developed to enhance usability for customers with easier navigation and redesigned interface.

Reliable data ensured with onsite quality checks of survey data

The independent capacity to resolve the starting azimuth in a magnetic environment ensures the correct drilling direction.

Reduced downtime on-site with improved diagnostics and data downloading

At the completion of the survey, azimuth and dip for each survey station, borehole coordinates, and a number of other parameters including: deviation from intended borehole path; gravity field; dog leg severity; and tool rotation can be analysed on-site.

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