A: Manually create a colour/shape/size attribute combination in the Attribute Manager and then apply them to the high value samples either by individually selecting them in the plot window or drawing a polygon around a group of samples.  Alternatively, apply them to the selected data rows in a tabular data view.  Once the high values are attributed as a group they can be made invisible in the Attribute Manager so they don’t display on plots and are treated as a separate group when viewing statistics.  Another tool which can be used is the Analysis>Auto-Attribute Tukey Outliers to flag outliers and attribute them according to Tukey Box Plot calculations and then make these invisible in the Attribute Manager.

1.  Add a new colour in the Attribute Manager by clicking on the Add button in the Colour Tab

2. Select the New Colour row so it is highlighted and is says “New Colour” in the Attribute Manager title bar

3. Click on the plot window you wish to select the outliers and choose the Select Point or Select Polygon icon. Depending on tool either click on individual points or draw a polygon around a group of points by holding down the left mouse button.

4. When the selected points are attributed turn off the visiblity for these samples in the Attribute Manager.