A: To change the Title for your New XY diagram click on the Edit Diagram Properties icon from the Right-Hand side toolbar. If the toolbar is not in view just click in the New Diagram Window titlebar to make the window active and the toolbar should appear.  You can then change the diagram name and also add in any additional comments or references by clicking on the green plus button. If you want the diagram to open at a particular zoom you can set this up in the diagram window and then use the Save Bounds button to save this view.  Whenever you open the diagram in future it will open to this view.

To change the names for the labels click on the Change Shape Properties  icon on the RHS toolbar.  Each label has individual entry which you can change the name and colour (by clicking on the colour box).  If you create any points, lines or polygons these will also appear in this dialog so that you can rename them, change line slope/intercepts and change colour.  You can turn off any objects from displaying by unchecking the box next to each object and to permanently delete objects just uncheck them and then select Delete Invisible.