In ioGAS version 4.5, you can export attributed data points to MapInfo TAB file, where it can be read in MapInfo Professional. The legend window is also exported as a separate TAB file. Note that export to MapInfo TAB file format is only available in ioGAS 45 32-bit version.

In version 4.4 and older, the only way you can export data from ioGAS to MapInfo is to use an importer tool. The importer tool is supplied with the Discover software program, a plug-in to MapInfo.  The importer is available in Discover version 8.0 and later.  The tool can be accessed directly from the Discover>Import and Export menu or via the Tool Manager.  Updates can be made in ioGAS and refreshed immediately with MapInfo so long as the file is saved each time.

For more information on the ioGAS file importer for Mapinfo, see:
Mapinfo Import Utility.pdf