A: To switch from displaying solid mean data to all data in a spiderplot use the second icon down on the RHS toolbar called “Change visibility of data points”.  If your dataset has a large number of rows ioGAS automatically displays the spiderplot using the data means as it difficult to view the individual samples when there are a lot of them.  If you don’t want to display the mean data lines on top of the individual data rows then click on the “Change Parametric Statistical Summary” icon a couple of times to remove them from view (3rd icon on RHS toolbar).  To summarise: the 2nd icon down turns individual data points on and off, the 3rd icon down cycles through showing Solid Means, Solid Mean +/- 1 sigma or no mean lines.  The 4th icon down showing Percentile summaries works in the same way.  Sometimes you need to play around with each icon to see exactly what it does and click on it a few times to see the changes and how they work together.