A: In the Data>Column Properties dialog it is possible to select coordinate columns to be used as East/North and Lat/Long WGS84. The Lat/Long WGS84 coordinate columns are required to be present within a dataset in order for data to be exported to Google Earth as a KMZ file. Lat/Long coordinates must be in decimal degrees.

The East/North columns generally contain coordinates in another projected system such as UTM, MGA, NAD83, etc and are used as the X and Y axes when plotting data in a pseudo-map view such as an Attribute Map or Ranked Variable Map and when plotting data as a gridded image. When exporting gridded images as GeoTiff files or ER Mapper Grids then the correct projection that matches the East/North coordinate columns must be specified in the Column Properties dialog so that the grids will open in the correct geographical space in 3rd party programs such as MapInfo Professional or ArcGIS.