There are two types of server licence systems available to REFLEX ioGAS users:

A REFLEX ioGAS server licence is a lease of the software for 12 months which includes:

  • Low price per seat
  • Easy Administration
  • Software Upgrades
  • Technical Support
  • Training Videos
  • Access to software during field work or travel
  • Classification Diagram/Calculation/Spider Plot library updates

The REFLEX ioGAS server licence enables you to install the software on a designated number of computers. The licences are not shared between users so if you have 5 people who would like to use the software you would purchase a 5-seat server licence. Each user would then install the software and obtain their licence file from the centrally installed server licence software. The licence file downloaded onto each computer is a 12 week temporary licence file so that users can travel with their laptop during this time. This temporary licence file is updated each time that the computer is connected to the server licence host network for 12 weeks from the current date. The only time a licence may become available to another user is if no connection is made to the server licence network for 12 weeks.

A REFLEX ioGAS Floating Server licence is a server-based borrowed licensing system that enables ioGAS licence tokens to be checked out for a desired period of time (including offline) and then returned to the server so the token can be shared between multiple users. Floating licences are available on a 12 month lease basis. Recommended for organisations with a number of ioGAS users who wish to use the software on an “as required” basis.

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