REFLEX HUB for Geology

SaaS-based exploration/mining workflow and data management.

  • Access accurate, timely geoscientific and operational data – wherever you are
  • Improved drilling contractor productivity and transparency
  • Advanced analytics and tight integration with existing database solutions

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REFLEX HUB for GEOLOGY provides secure, on-demand access to data, information and advanced analytics covering the full exploration and mining lifecycle, including:

  • Project planning
  • Auditable and automated downhole survey workflows
  • Sampling and geological information from drilling and surface field programs
  • In-field real-time geoanalysis information
  • Laboratory sample analyses, with automated QA/QC
  • Drilling contractor shift and productivity analysis

REFLEX HUB for GEOLOGY is a proven online workflow and data management solution that provides geologists with the information they need, on demand. With built in field validation, REFLEX HUB for Geology is able to provide automated alerts, reports and dashboards for easy and rapid decision making. REFLEX HUB for Geology is available as a full-service solution, or as an automated workflow engine securely feeding verified data to existing systems. This means geologists can receive the benefits of advanced workflows and analytics in REFLEX HUB for Geology, whilst optionally maintaining their investment in legacy database systems.

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