A. If an input column in a calculated expression contains 0′s then when the calculation is run the calculated column will report blanks for the 0 entries. A red warning is displayed down in the status bar that the Selected data contains Infinite Values. This warning is also displayed when the calculated column is selected in the Select Variables dialog. To prevent an empty plot window from opening try one of the following options:

  1. Select the variables containing null values in the Select Variables dialog and then use the Validate>Data Doctor menu option prior to calculating the column to convert the 0 values to null. The XY plots will then display the remaining valid data.
  2. If the calculated column is already created,  attribute all of the blank records in the tabular data view with a colour and then make this colour group invisible in the Attribute Manager. When the XY plot is calculated all of the other valid data points now plot.
  3. Clean data prior to import