There are a number of things that you can check first of all:

– In ioGAS 4.5, the diagram.locations.ini file is located in the user area (i.e. <username>/AppData/Roaming/ioGAS/userConfig/). This is the one that users are meant to edit for the changes to the diagram pathways to be visible in ioGAS.

-When adding a pathway to a folder where user diagrams are stored, it is preferable to insert a direct pathway to the actual folder rather than typing in the pathway to the root address. For example, if user diagrams are located in I:/temp/diagrams/rock_class/, it would be better for the user to type in this pathway instead of I:/temp. The reason for this is because ioGAS looks through each of the sub-folders inside the specified location for diagram files. This can take a long time if the size of the folder is large or if there are numerous sub-folders to go through in the specified location.