A: Make sure the export is exactly the same as the files produced from the XRF instrument.  For example, if the data is collected in Olympus Innov-X data format then it will need to adhere to the following:

          ·       The database XRF export file type must be in CSV format

          ·       Only one unique entry can be present in the MODE column, ie. Don’t mix Soil, Mining, Two Beam Mining, Standards, etc in same export file

          ·        FIELD_1 is matched to the ID column in ioGAS so use this for SampleNo

          ·       WGS84_LAT/WGS84_LONG are matched to the WGS84Latitude and WGS84Longitude columns and used for Google Earth exports in ioGAS

          ·       USER_X/USER_Y/USER_Z are matched to the East, North and Elevation columns and used to display data in the ioGAS spatial plots

          ·       Element and error columns must be in format of NA_DATA, NA_ERROR, etc

          ·       All element and error columns must be present in the export file even if they are unpopulated. Upon import only those with values will be brought into ioGAS.

          ·       Any of the other fields you wish to include will also be imported just as they are