A: This needs to be set on the XRF unit prior to taking XRF measurements.

On Olympus/Innov-X XRF units by default the XRF is setup to NOT to show chemistry determined to be below LOD in the raw export.  This is a feature on the device that uses a statistical calculation (set at 3sd) to determine whether or not the analyser is effectively seeing an element.  By default this is turned ON, so the export will contain “<LOD” for anything that reports below detection.  There is now a setting in the Results Management which allows this <LOD feature to be turned off, so that the raw error data can be investigated (and used for DL determination), in the same way as the Omega Xplorer Format on the Trimble (in ArcPAD).  All error data is reported as 1sd when this option is enabled.  This can be found by navigating to the Setup TAB > Results Management > Custom TAB (password = z) > Set Chemistry > Show Chem below LOD check box.

Contact us for updated details for later XRF models.