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IMDEX showcases its latest technologies at PDAC 2019

Hear about the Company’s latest innovations at its free workshops

IMDEX Limited (IMDEX or the Company), a leading mining equipment, technology and services (METS) provider to the global minerals industry, is pleased to announce it will be displaying its latest innovations and offering free workshops at the PDAC international convention held in Toronto, Canada, 3 – 6 March 2019.

IMDEX’s booth (#0323 – 0327) – incorporating its leading REFLEX and AMC brands – will showcase the Company’s integrated solutions and latest technologies including its:

  • AMC ULWSRU™ featuring the IMDEX MUD AID™
  • New off-the-shelf IMDEX MOBILE™ software
  • Drilling Optimisation and Downhole Navigation solutions; and
  • Real-time 3D visualisation solution for downhole and structural geology data – a revolutionary step-change for the global minerals industry.

AMC ULW SRU™ featuring the IMDEX MUD AID™

IMDEX has combined the benefits of its ultra-lightweight solids removal unit and automated in-field drilling fluid diagnosis unit – including remote tracking technology – to optimise penetration rates, core recovery and metres drilled per bit.

Learn more about the AMC ULWSRU™ featuring the IMDEX MUD AID™


The Company has worked closely with clients to create more than 20 ready-to-use forms and reports including: daily drill reports; pre-start inspections; verified cost reports and rig productivity reports – all available via new off-the-shelf software.

Learn more about IMDEX MOBILE™

General Manager – IMDEX Product Development, Dr Michelle Carey said she was proud to demonstrate the Company’s latest technologies at PDAC:

“We are committed to being at the forefront of dynamic solutions that deliver accurate data, whilst saving time and money for clients.  A good example is our IMDEX Downhole Navigation solution, which provides their complete downhole needs including: the creation of drilling programs; fast and accurate surveys; rig alignment; and monitoring the directional progress of individual borehole in real-time.”


As pioneers in Downhole Navigation, IMDEX has further enhanced its solution to support clients’ complete downhole needs. The latest integration of IMDEXHUB-IQ™ with Seequent’s Central software means clients can now have real-time 3D visualisation of the drillhole.

Commenting on the Company’s ability to integrate its latest technologies to IMDEXHUB-IQ™ and Central, IMDEX Chief Geoscientist, Dave Lawie said:

“Increasingly, geologists are wanting to make decisions in real-time, however, they need to have the right live data available.

“We’re excited to be part of this industry-first to deliver real-time 3D data, which will dramatically improve the speed and accuracy of decision-making for drilling projects.”

The Company’s REFLEX GYRO SPRINT-IQ™, which was officially launched at last years PDAC, also integrates with IMDEXHUB-IQ™ and Seequent’s Central software. This innovative technology surveys three times faster and two times more accurately than traditional gyros and can survey holes at any angle and operate in single, multi-shot and continuous modes.

Learn more about the IMDEX Downhole Navigation solution

Learn more about the IMDEX Seequent partnership

Learn more about the REFLEX GYRO SPRINT-IQ™

Free Workshops

IMDEX will share its latest insights, innovations and technologies to achieve real-time decision making, develop workflows for successful core orientation, and optimise drilling operations. To attend these free 30-minute workshops – plus question time – register at the link below:

Register for free IMDEX workshops at PDAC




Visit our Booth

Booth #0323 – 0327, Exhibit Halls D & E – South Building. PDAC 2019


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