ioGAS-GOCAD® live link

GOCAD® is designed to build and query integrated exploration models for drillhole targeting.  From data import to exploration drillhole design, geoscientists from all disciplines can manage their exploration program from one central software application.

GOCAD users can utilise the ioGAS-GOCAD live link to work with their data in real time in both programs. The link makes it possible to apply attributes, make selections and use any of the ioGAS geochemical analysis tools with the data and then see the changes refreshed in the special live layer in GOCAD.

The ioGAS-GOCAD live link will only run with an upgraded GOCAD licence and an updated ioGAS licence.

The ioGAS-GOCAD live link is developed and distributed by Mira Geoscience and REFLEX (formerly ioGlobal consulting).  Clients requiring further information about the GOCAD software should contact Mira Geoscience.