Download ioGAS 7.0

Download the latest version of ioGAS by clicking on the links below. Prospective clients can evaluate the software during the two-week free trial period. *Maintained clients can install this version over the top of your current 5.1 installation. For more information about what’s new in ioGAS 7.0 please refer to the Help file within ioGAS. *Mac users please contact us for an evaluation licence. Click the relevant button below to download ioGAS 7.0

ioGAS 7.0 32-bit

Size: 96 Mb

This is a fully functional version of ioGAS™ for 32-bit PC machines.

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ioGAS 7.0 For Mac OS X

Size: 82 Mb

This is a fully functional version of ioGAS™ for Apple Machintosh machines.

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ioGAS 7.0 64-bit

Size: 97 Mb

This is a fully functional version of ioGAS™ for 64-bit PC machines.

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ioGAS Licence Server Software

Size: 52Mb

ioGAS™ Server Licence administration software. This software should only be downloaded by IT personnel as directed by REFLEX.

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What’s new in ioGAS 7.0?

New Floating Licence

This new licensing model complements the existing machine-based server model and single-seat licences. Server issued Floating Licence tokens are suited to organisations with multiple ioGAS users who do not require access to the software on a continual basis. A licence token is “borrowed” from the server for a selected period which also enables the software to be used offline during this time. Expired tokens are automatically returned to the server however they can also be returned prior to this time.

Leasing options – Floating licences are available on a renewable 12 month lease basis.

For information about pricing or converting your existing ioGAS licences to this model, please contact us.

Improved XRF Data Import
  • Separate XRF Data option in File menu
  • Additional XRF Data formats supported:
  • Automatic recognition of mode and unit information from source file
  • Improved handling for multiple modes or mixed units
  • View error vs Concentration scatterplots for individual elements prior to import
  • New method to replace below detection data with 1/2 positive lowest value
  • All detection limit replacements recorded in Change Log file
New Classification Diagrams & Calculations
  • Diagrams
    • Ishikawa Alteration Index (AI) vs Advanced Argillic Alteration Index (AAAI) – Williams and Davidson, 2004
    • Rock Strength of Clay-Rich Rocks – Jeffcoate et al, 2013
  • Calculations
    • IOCG Index – Fabris et al, 2013
    • Developed within the Deep Exploration Technologies Cooperative Research Centre (DET CRC) by the Geological Survey of South Australia (GSSA) to highlight the significance of samples in relation to IOCG prospectivity
More Improvements
  • Rock Nodes – Addition of 26 new OREAS rock standards
  • Licensing – New single-seat licence file location that automatically enables all users on a shared PC to access the software
  • Templates – Ability to open multi-plot windows when not all variables are present in data file
  • Append File – Improved column matching when appending new file to open data. Easily see what columns are available to append to in the currently open  dataset.
  • Attribute Map – Automatic axis scaling  when displaying data captured in long/lat coordinates to reduce the effect of distortion at high altitudes.