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ioGAS™ Link for Leapfrog Geo

ARANZ Geo Limited is the developer of Leapfrog 3D geological modelling solutions for the mining, hydrogeology and geothermal industries. Leapfrog Geo delivers rapid dynamic modelling using an intuitive workflow approach that simplifies model operation and enhances flexibility.

IMDEX and ARANZ Geo have combined to produce the ioGAS™-Leapfrog live link for rapid 3D visualisation of geochemical data. With ioGAS considered to be the ideal software for geochemical analysis Leapfrog Geo the next generation in implicit geological modelling,  the link combines the unique benefits of the two programs to work with data in real time. Geoscientific data can be analysed in ioGAS and then visualised and modelled in the 3D environment using Leapfrog Geo. Geochemistry parameters can be added as new attributes and transformed into 3D interpolants for enhancing geological models.

The ioGAS™ Link is sold and licensed as a separate add-on to the Leapfrog Geo software. The link will only run with an active licence of Leapfrog Geo, enabled for the ioGAS™ Link. You will also need Leapfrog Geo v1.3 or later and ioGAS™ v5.0 or later. For further information including how to obtain a trial version of the Leapfrog Geo software or to purchase the ioGAS™ Link please contact the Leapfrog Team.