The latest version of the REFLEX IQ-LOGGER App is now available for download! V1.2 is a significant upgrade and we encourage all users to upgrade as soon as possible. Along with the latest software the REFLEX team has also produced new tips & tricks and a quick start guide.
New/upgraded features of REFLEX IQ-LOGGER Software V1.2 include:

  • Lineations can now be measured on down hole facing planes and do not have to pass through the centre of the plane.
  • Vertical holes +/- 90° can now be entered and synced from the IMDEX HUB-IQ .
  • IMDEX HUB-IQ sync status is now at a reading level, improving sync performance.
  • Synced readings are now locked for further editing in the Verification window.
  • User Interface Improvements.
    • All screens:
      • Projects and drill holes navigation links are repositioned to top left of screen.
      • Link to Bluetooth pairing guide document, when not connected to a device.
    • Project and Drill Hole screens.
      • Task buttons are rearranged to more logically reflect workflow.
      • Projects and drill holes can be filtered by name or active status.
    • Project screen has a hint when no projects are loaded.
    • Logging screen:
      • Live Alpha Beta and Gamma angles are shown when using the IQ-LOGGER.
      • Bulk edit structure, custom lists, QA flag, logger name and notes for multiple records at once.
      • Record sync status displayed.
      • Synced records checkbox filter.
      • Records with the QA flag set are highlighted in red and synced records are shaded in grey and italicised.
    • Bug Fixes:
      • Lineation, dip and direction calculation errors at certain beta angles.
      • Dip direction error for horizontal and upward facing drill holes.
    • Database improvements.
    • Time and date added to the local CSV export file.
    • A log file is written to the desktop, if the program crashes. This can be emailed to REFLEX to assist in determining the cause of the crash.


Click for more information on the IQ-LOGGER  and the Software Downloads available.