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The customised REFLEX DOWNHOLE MOTORS™ developed by REFLEX provide the option to make alterations to the drill direction during drilling. Where there is a need for directional change, deflection settings can be adjusted simply and quickly by the drill operator to ensure intersection of the target. The robust nature of the motor ensures uninterrupted availability during drilling.

REFLEX DOWNHOLE MOTORS™ combine an adjustable bent housing with a specially developed mud lubricated friction bearing pack. The adjustable bent housing enables the operator to adjust deflection settings onsite without the time consuming need to change bent subs, and the mud lubricated friction bearing makes the instrument cheaper to operate, faster to service and able to withstand the high-speed rotation required to drill hard rock..

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Technical Specifications (NX 2 3/8” 1-2,7 stage)

  • Max Flow
  • 189.25 L / min (operating range 113.55 – 189.25 L / minute)
  • Max pump pressue
  • 1500 psi
  • Max differential
  • 800 psi
  • Horsepower
  • 19.5 at 189.27L / min
  • Torque at 50 gpm
  • 11.8M / kg
  • Max. rpm
  • 1300
  • Connection top/bottom
  • BW
  • Max recommended WOB
  • 2272.7 kg
  • Recommended pump size
  • 1500 psi 227 L / minute