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Pulling rods is one of the most laborious, time-consuming and risky parts of diamond drilling, for operational and safety reasons.

IMDEX XTRACTA™ allows the driller to inspect and/or change the bit/reamer each time the core is retrieved. This means there is no need to pull the rods to change bits and the hole is always cased, maintaining hole integrity.

Minimise manual handling

Safe practices are integral in any mining operation, with manual handling injuries more likely to occur in the drilling phase - particularly when handling heavy rods. Using the IMDEX XTRACTA™, there is no need to pull rods until the hole is complete, as drillers can inspect or change the bit/reamer on any core run (3-6m).

Risk of injury is significantly reduced as the requirement to pull rods is no longer influenced by downhole conditions or typical bit wear.

Drill time, not down-time

Drill aggressively without down-time pulling rods, changing bits and re-entering the hole. No need to compromise on drill bit selection or risk hole deterioration/collapse reaming through drilled ground.

With the ability to change every run, the bit/reamer can be switched depending on the formation and metres drilled can be maximized without deviation.

The increased cost of drilling can only be offset with improved productivity.

Additional costs caused by higher operational standards, environmental restrictions and increased hole depths will only get worse. The time is now to invest in drilling optimisation.

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  • Core size
  • 44.0 mm 1.73"
  • Pilot hole size
  • 56.5 mm 2.22"
  • Hole size
  • 75.7 mm 2.98"
  • XTRACTA™ tool length
  • 670 mm 2' 2”
  • XTRACTA™ tool weight
  • 6.7 kg 14.77 lb
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