Easy-to-use core logging solution provides fast, accurate structural measurements.

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Structural Geology

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Downhole Navigation

Drilling Optimisation

The REFLEX IQ-LOGGER™ solution improves structural logging speed and accuracy, whilst the digital transfer of structural measurements provides a reliable digital audit trail. The inbuilt data verification capability using stereonet projections ensures orientations are accurate and reliable and decisions are able to be made as data is collected.

Accuracy & Ease of Use

The REFLEX IQ-LOGGER™ handheld structural logging device can simply be rolled along the orientation line on diamond core automatically recording depth with structural measurements able to be taken at the press of a button.
Laser alignment with structures is far easier and more intuitive than current goniometers on the market, and there is no need to remove the core from the core tray to log. QA/QC and data editing is done at the point of data collection to ensure accuracy. Data then flows digitally, without the risk of alteration or error, from field to office in real time.

Immediate Information

The REFLEX IQ-LOGGER™ software allows real-time viewing of structural measurements from oriented drillcore on a stereonet and attribution of metadata against the structure for better decision making.

The IQ-LOGGER™ solution includes a seamless workflow into ioGAS™ for structural interpretation incorporating assay and other geoscience data.


Geologists in mining and exploration environments use the data from the REFLEX IQ-LOGGER™ for a better understanding of the orientation of ore controlling structures and the broader structural geology of the project.

Geotechnical engineers use the data from the REFLEX IQ-LOGGER™ for safe and cost effective mine and civil construction design.
The IQ-LOGGER™ allowed us to collect 10x the structural data over traditional systems and at a higher quality.

Chris Gallagher - Exploration Technology Manager, TerraLogic Exploration Inc

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The REFLEX IQ-LOGGER™ solution allows users to gather accurate depth recordings with the flexibility to deal with zones of broken core by simply rolling along the orientation line.

Once the handheld device is aligned with a structure of interest the orientation of the structure can be recorded with a press of a button. Data can be immediately verified via the in-built stereonet plot and exported to a USB or transferred digitally for immediate access. IMDEX’s ioGAS™ can then be used for further interpretation with other geoscience data.



  • Dimensions (L x W x H)
  • 175 mm x 48 mm x 62 mm


  • Laser type
  • Red line laser Class 2
  • Beam width
  • >90º


  • Battery life
  • 16 hours
  • Operating temperature
  • -20ºC to +55ºC
  • Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth tether between device and computer
  • IP rating
  • IP30
  • Software requirements
  • PC running Windows 7 or later

Measurement accuracy

  • Distance accuracy
  • Within 1 cm per 1 m (1% accuracy)
  • Angular measurements
  • Less than 2º *


  • Device / Spare battery / Test jig Charging cable and charger

* Overall accuracy is heavily user dependent.


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Case study

REFLEX IQ-LOGGER™ success at multiple sites
REFLEX product suite delivers significant efficiencies to a resource project in Oman


Download REFLEX IQ-LOGGER™ Conventions – English


The software has been updated to fix a number of bugs; including angle calculation errors in upwardly inclined drill holes and missing system dl files.

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Integration with MICROMINE’s Geobank products will simplify and optimise the collection of geological data. The integration enables quality, reliable structural data by ensuring optimised and auditable workflows, QA/QC protocols and data integrity, while providing a seamless and user-friendly software interface. The integration will enhance Geobank’s capabilities in both exploration and product environments. It also means users will have the ability to analyse their logging data in near real-time even in areas with poor connectivity.

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