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It is now possible to audit core orientations on or off-site, and even years later, by referring to the REFLEX ORI-BLOCK™ left residing in the core tray. It retains the bottom of hole profile of the undrilled core, while it was part of the undisturbed parent rock.

Designed exclusively for use with the REFLEX VERTI-ORI™ Core Orientation Systems, the REFLEX ORI-BLOCK™ replaces the traditional orientation heads.

The low cost of the REFLEX ORI-BLOCK™ makes it an invaluable part of your drilling inventory. On-site training by a fully qualified technician is available for all newly commissioned REFLEX tools.
Fully auditable and verifiable core orientations
Record hole depth, inclination, deviation, loss/gain
Replaces traditional core tray marker blocks
UV and weather resistant
Quick and simple to use

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Download REFLEX ORI-BLOCK™ Brochure – English

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