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The innovative REFLEX PRESS™ is a high-pressure hydraulic press designed to produce a densely-packed, homogenous, sample puck that can be measured by the pXRF (and a range of non-destructive sensors) without the signal attenuation resulting from the use of a film coating and/or poor packing.

REFLEX PRESS™ is safe and reliable, engineered and constructed using only high quality, fit for purpose, products. It is also rugged and portable, ideal for use in field camps and on-site laboratories.

Decreased cost of consumables

Common XRF cups tend to be expensive and time consuming to use. The REFLEX PRESS™ uses high pressure to convert powders to a coherent pressed puck without the need to use binders or costly containers. Removing the need to use sample cups equates to savings of up to $150 per day.

Increased productivity

The custom designed die set and press provide a simplified process with fewer steps, allowing productivity to be increased, with consistency across all samples.

Improved analytics

The REFLEX PRESS™ comes with a custom designed funnel and sample die to ensure the highest quality, consistent and repeatable, sample puck ensuring data confidence and improved analysis, especially for light elements.
Using the pressed puck and the REFLEX XRF™, light elements such as AI have a consistently higher response (8 – 15%). This will flow through to decreased detection limits and better precision for light elements. The consistent workflow of the REFLEX PRESS™ will also reduce inter-sample variation resulting from poor packing of material and other inconsistencies, making data analysis more reliable.

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The REFLEX PRESS™ is light in weight compared to other commercial sample presses, being under 30kg. It can be safely transported in a robust and easy to pack, protective case.

In-field Geoanalysis

The REFLEX PRESS™ together with the REFLEX XRF™ Solution (which includes REFLEX XRF™, IMDEXHUB-IQ™ and ioGAS™)
provides the first on-site geoanalysis solution available in the market. This enables decisions to be made on-site, saving both time and money.

Standard or Premium Puck

The REFLEX PRESS™ is provided with two separate dies for making the puck. The STANDARD puck is produced without a protective sleeve
and is most useful for minimising costs when the sample will be discarded after analysis, or analysis is performed immediately after pressing. The PREMIUM puck is produced within a custom plastic sleeve that makes the sample very robust for longer term storage, potential re-assaying or archive, and reduces cleaning time after each sample. The plastic sleeves are sold in boxes of 500 and can be easily labelled for reference.


  • Weight - Press
  • 25 kg
  • Weight - Press with case
  • 28.5 kg
  • Hydraulic kit (including case)
  • 19.8 kg
  • Maximum system pressure
  • 5200 psi (35.8 MPa)
  • Puck size
  • 15 mm high x 25 mm diameter
Puck Rings500
Wax Binder Kit1
Standard Die1
Premium Die1


Download REFLEX PRESS™ Brochure – English

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