Plan, monitor and adjust your drillhole to ensure you intersect your planned target, simply and easily.

  • Input Survey Data and see exactly where the borehole is.
  • Extrapolate the borehole path to the projected target.
  • Calculate navigation runs back to target.
  • Create a cost effective and practical drill hole design.

Immediate information on your drillhole

Through its easy to use interface, REFLEX EZ-NAV™ uses survey data to display the actual drillhole position and allows the driller to extrapolate the current drilling trend to indicate if the drillhole is tracking towards target. Early insight as to whether the original plan is achievable provides the necessary information on which a decision can be made as to the required action before it’s TOO late or TOO expensive. The REFLEX EZ-NAV™ has the flexibility to allow for changes to be made to the plan and reduces the need to abandon drillholes that have deviated off track. More cost effective outcomes can be expected with the power of REFLEX EZ-NAV™, combine the most accurate REFLEX survey data together with the knowledge of localised drilling conditions.

Easy access to relevant reports

Detailed borehole navigational reports, generated through REFLEX EZ-NAV™ allow all stakeholders to review and plan from the same single source of truth and are easily emailed as a pdf file. Several separate REFLEX EZ-NAV™ users can monitor the same hole plan by sharing the .ezn file and can run their own hypothetical scenarios as required with the confidence that consistent positional information is being used.

User-friendly interface

The simplicity of the REFLEX EZ-NAV™ user interface allows anyone with a basic understanding of directional drilling and computers to be proficient without the need for lengthy training sessions. Due to the intuitive nature of the program a short online session quickly ensures fast and efficient drilling results.

REFLEX EZ-NAV is a user friendly directional drilling software solution that will inform drillers as to where the borehole is going, and easily make any required corrections to ensure the target is intersected.

  1. Ensure that the computer the software is to be installed on has all the latest windows updates installed.
  2. Follow the instructions in the user manual (included in the download) to install the software on the computer it will be licensed to.
  3. Once the software is installed on the computer, start the REFLEX EZ-NAV™ software and follow the instructions on pages 5-8 of the user manual to register the software.
  4. During the first stage of the REFLEX EZ-NAV™ registration process, the user will need to enter their company name and the following serial number: EZN-00G7-FF37
  5. The software will then generate a registration request email that needs to be sent through to REFLEX.
  6. Once the registration request email has been received from the user, REFLEX will generate a registration code that will be emailed back to the user to enter into the software.
  7. Once this process is complete the REFLEX EZ-NAV™ software will be fully operational for the term of the selected license.

Please note: The license will only work on the computer the software is installed on as the license code is linked to the computer hardware.

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