REFLEX History

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The REFLEX Clock

Sture Ortenblad formed a company in Sweden and purchased the name REFLEX at the same time. He named his company Industry AB REFLEX. Here he developed a world first - the first programmable clock which he called “The REFLEX Clock ”.

New principle for measuring dips and directions within a borehole

1952 when Mats Haglund, a mining engineer working at the LKAB company in Sweden developed a new principle for measuring dips and directions within a borehole (BT, 1984). The method used light and optics and, it is said, was based on the old miners practice of lowering a lamp or torch down the hole to get an indication of the curvature from the light position and reflections. However, once the light was no longer visible the miners could no longer judge the deviation or direction of the hole. This method was, at best, semi-quantitative tending towards very qualitative.


Claes Ericsson (Ortenblad’s son in law) worked with Industry AB REFLEX. Here he pioneered the non-magnetic instrument market around the world by developing the Fotobor borehole survey tool.


Together with his wife Birgitta, Claes Ericsson formed the REFLEX Instrument Company.

Chardec Consultants Ltd

Richard Parfitt starts Chardec Consultants Ltd, an electronics design company with particular focus on borehole electronics.


REFLEX and Chardec combine to further develop the Fotobor, working on similar principals but using a solid state image sensor and electronic image processing to replace the film and motorised camera mechanism.


REFLEX and Chardec develop an orientation system for downhole orientation of wedges.


A short hole survey tool for use primarily with blast holes.

Maxibor Released

The world’s first non-magnetic survey tool released to the market.


Initial MAXIBOR unit is used to align the British and French drives of the Channel Tunnel. The Senior Tunnel Surveyor, Eric Radcliffe, expresses his confidence in the accuracy of the MAXIBOR by saying, "as far as I know there is no other tool that can survey a hole like this to such a degree of accuracy". Eurotunnel opened on 1 December 1990.

Polhem Prize

Claes Ericsson was awarded the Polhem Prize for the development and marketing of the MAXIBOR. Presented to him by Birgit Emgren, general director of the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, the Polhem Prize is awarded for a significant contribution to industry and construction engineering.


An electronic blasthole multi-shot with onboard storage is release to the market.


REFLEX releases the EZ-SHOT, an electronic single shot with onboard storage.


REFLEX release the magnetic multishot tool, the REFLEX EMS, to the market.


REFLEX simplifies the use of the EZ-SHOT to enable use by drillers, on-site, creating the world’s easiest to use, driller operated magnetic survey tool.


A smart tool for single and multi-shot using radio communication.


Developed for accurate surveys of slim line drillholes, this is the world’s first 1 inch diameter magnetic survey tool which can function in either single-shot or multishot modes, and also provide instant readout via an in-built display.


Used when drilling in magnetic ground to measure the inclination of the hole while drilling prior to bringing in the more expensive REFLEX GYRO or MAXIBOR units. Allows for a tolerance check of inclination for the fraction of the cost of renting a single or multi-shot instrument.

Ground Zero

REFLEX EZ-MARK used to check stability of surrounding ground and buildings to determine likelihood of collapse after the 9/11 disaster.


Further development of the MAXIBOR functionality to enhance the driller operable features. Proves its excellence in underground drilling.

Imdex acquires REFLEX

Imdex acquires Swedish based REFLEX

Imdex acquires Chardec

Imdex acquires UK based company; Chardec. Richard Parfitt, founder of Chardec, joins Imdex.

ioGAS first released

Optimal exploratory data analysis software released for the detection of patterns, anomalies and relationships in geochemical and geometallurgical data. Now used by customers and institutions globally.


REFLEX release the EZ-BQ survey tool, renaming it the EZ-TRAC.


An electronic survey instrument using micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) gyro sensors.

Imdex acquires Flexit

Flexit, a Swedish based company, have the world’s first MEMS gyro tool in development, the GyroSmart, which at this stage is still not fully functional.

Regional Service and Repair Centres established globally

Locations strategically placed to efficiently service global clients.


REFLEX releases the GyroSmart as a REFLEX product called the REFLEX GYRO.


The requirements at Ground Zero, with the need to drill vertical holes, resulted in the successful development of the world’s first and only vertical core orientation tool; the REFLEX VERTI-ORI.

Chilean Mine Rescue

REFLEX Down Hole Motors and survey instruments used to locate Chilean miners trapped underground after ground collapses at a mine.

Acquisition of ioGlobal

The acquisition of ioGlobal, provider of innovative, cloud based data management solutions for the mining, mineral exploration and oil and gas industries. The acquisition enhances the value of the REFLEX instrument range with data management and analysis, and advanced geochemical consulting services.


A cloud based data management and analysis solution providing access to information in near real time, anywhere in the world – a step change to mining processes.

Acquisition of 2iC Australia

The inclusion of the 2iC mechanical core orientation tools in their solution set allows REFLEX to provide the most complete range of core orientation solutions to mining and exploration.


REFLEX releases the REFLEX EZ-GYRO - an easy to use, survey instrument that does not react to magnetic influence but rather seeks out true north, to produce accurate and reliable data.


The REFLEX TN14 GYROCOMPASS is developed to dramatically improve productivity by quickly and accurately aligning drill rigs in surface and underground operations.

London Crossrail Project

The REFLEX TN14 GYROCOMPASS and the REFLEX GYRO are used to ensure the accuracy of boreholes for grout injection. This was critical to provide stability to the surrounding ground in order to protect the key and historical buildings in the area.


Highly successful trial of the REFLEX EZ-GAMMA™ in the deepest diamond hole drilled at KCGM’s Super Pit. Demand rises for the new driller operable, gamma logging solution due to its time and cost benefits, with real-time results accessible on site.


First prototypes released to market after interest in the solution heightens at industry exhibitions.


Industry excited about release of the new core logging solution after demos at PDAC and 35IGC. The waiting list grows with the first 25 prototypes in high demand. First commercial release in October of the same year

In-field geoanalysis / LAB-at-RIG