Portable sample preparation system


  • Fast milling speeds
  • Ultimate portability
  • Adaptable to your workflow


Milling Samples at Fast Speeds

The REFLEX MILL™ is a portable, sample preparation system designed to reduce <4mm material to a fine powder in a single pass.

A consistent workflow

The REFLEX MILL™ has a flexible workflow to suit the geologists needs, maximising productivity and sample quality. Samples from the REFLEX MILL™  have direct input into the REFLEX PRESS™ for pXRF analysis.

Designed for the field camp

The REFLEX MILL™ is powered using a 24V universal power supply, suitable for use in all countries, and includes industry standard safety features such electrical interlocks and E-Stop, to make it a safe, easy to use experience









The Ultra Portable In-Field Sample Preparation

The REFLEX CRUSHER™ and REFLEX MILL™ work together as a portable, rapid, in-field sample preparation system, providing the tools needed to crush and mill coarse material to fine-grained powder, for reliable geochemical or mineralogical analysis. Able to be set up in minutes, almost anywhere, the systems are safe and easy to use, providing the productivity you need for on site sample preparation in your drilling and sampling program.









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