Auditable transfer solution for REFLEX ACT™ and REFLEX EZ-ORI™ core orientation data

  • Ensures the accurate transfer of REFLEX ACT™ and REFLEX EZ-ORI™ core orientation data while providing an auditable trail of the data transfer process for QA/QC when used in conjunction with the REFLEX ORI-BLOCK™


Reduced risk of error

  • Pencil is inserted perpendicular to the axis of the core sample minimises potential compounding error
  • Addition of the REFLEX ORI-BLOCK™ ensures up to three points of reference with the core sample (pin, pencil & optional ORI-PUTTY™)

More confidence in data transfer

  • Cradle Centralisers over the inner core tube to force accurate readings

Greater data accuracy

  • REFLEX ORI-AUDITOR™ when used with REFLEX ORI-BLOCK™ ensures perfect centralisation and greater core face alignment to the core sample

Ease of use

  • Self aligning and visual inspection of process provided through viewing holes

Confident decision making

  • Reliance on accurate and audit-able data
  • REFLEX ORI-BLOCK™ in the core tray provides QAQC audit trail

Q. What core sizes are available?

A: All core sizes that the REFLEX ACT™ and REFLEX EZ-ORI™ core orientation tools available in.

Q: What can I do about recovering loss of the China Graph Pencil mark on the orientated core sample if it is accidentally washed off or chipped away when removed from the Core Lifter case?

A: Using a REFLEX ORI-BLOCK™ in the new REFLEX ORI-AUDITOR™ CRADLE will not only provide a very accurate red chine graph pencil mark on the core face, but it will also provide a full circle orientated pin imprint of the core face that can then be stored in the core tray with each core sample run to maximize post logging and off-site data matching and orientation.

Q: The orientation marks from my current core orientation system seem to randomly have a mismatch between core runs of up to 15 degrees, what is causing this and how can I correct it?

A: This sort of random mismatch when comparing consecutive core runs is usually caused by poor control of the orientation data transfer and core marking procedure at the drill rig. Current orientation core marking jigs can allow the marking pencil to be placed at various positions and angles that can contribute to such error. Even the marking jig itself can be held at an angle to the core sample instead of precisely perpendicular to it which introduces additional potential error. The current best practice way of marking the orientation point on the face of a core sample is to use the new REFLEX ORI-AUDITOR™ CRADLE. This new marking cradle not only gives you the option to use the field proven and auditable REFLEX ORI-BLOCK™ as an aid to Orientation Data Transfer, QA/QC and auditability for the first time, but it also centralises the marking cradle over the entire diameter of the inner core tube and forces the operator to hold the marking pencil directly perpendicular to the correct orientation position, minimising potential error of the orientation data transfer.

Q: How can I implement a practical and audit-able QA/QC procedure at the Drill Rig that will ensure the core orientation data transfer from the Core Orientation tool is being conducted in the most accurate way possible?

A: Implement the use of the REFLEX ORI-AUDITOR™ CRADLE in conjunction with the REFLEX ORI-BLOCK™ will minimise manual handling data transfer error as well as provide post, offsite QA/QC auditability and the ability to correct data transfer errors at the Core Shed.

Q: What if my core sample is quite friable or soft, how can I maximise the ability to conduct and maintain core orientation data transfer to the core sample from the orientation tool?

A: The REFLEX ORI-BLOCK™ can not only provide you with an orientated red pencil mark and complete circumferential pin contact imprint of the core face, but we can also provide you with a special all weather putty that can be added to the front of a REFLEX ORI-BLOCK™ to provide a third point of contact via a soft malleable FULL FACE orientated mirror image imprint of the core face that stays as part of the REFLEX ORI-BLOCK™ and is sent with the core sample in the core tray providing the most accurate and reliable off-site auditable QA/QC procedure currently available, at minimal extra cost.

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