Optimal pXRF samples at a lower cost

  • Reduce the time and expense of sample pucks compared to traditional XRF cups
  • Improved data when used with a portable XRF, especially for light elements
  • Transportability and ruggedness for use in remote areas and mine sites




Naked pucks, quality data

The unique design of the REFLEX PRESS™ produces sample pucks that do not require binder or protective films.  The high quality surface finish, and consistent density of the samples gives better analytical performance especially for light elements.  Compared to using XRF cups the pucks generate an extra 10-15% x-ray flux for elements like Mg, Al, Si and S, leading to lower detection limits and better signal to noise.

A consistent workflow

Using the RFELEX PRESS™ as part of routine portable XRF analyses provides a consistent and repeatable workflow, and a better quality sample leading to better data.  By removing the need for expensive and fiddly XRF cups a routine program can be completed at lower cost, but supported by constant and better data quality.

Designed for the field camp

The REFLEX PRESS™ has been engineered for tough working conditions using high quality materials that meet mine site safety standards while still being light enough to easily transport.  The system can be setup in 5 mins, and everything is included in two transportable cases to get you up and running quickly, wherever in the world you are.

A good sample for all your needs

The REFLEX PRESS™ samples are not just designed for pXRF, any NDT technique will work. In recent testing the samples are proving excellent quality for techniques such as LIBS and spectral analysis.


Standard or Premium

The REFLEX PRESS™ is provided with two separate dies for the making the puck.  The STANDARD puck is produced without a protective sleeve and is most useful for minimising costs when the sample will be discarded after analysis, or analysis is performed immediately after pressing.  The PREMIUM puck is produced within a custom plastic sleeve that makes the sample very robust for longer term storage, potential re-assaying or archive, and reduces cleaning time after each sample.  The plastic sleeves are sold in boxes of 500 and can be easily labelled for reference.



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