REFLEX is pleased to announce the release of REFLEX ioGAS 6. This update includes a range of key new tools and features which have been developed both in response to requests from clients around the world who are currently using REFLEX ioGAS, and as suggested by the REFLEX Geochemistry team who use REFLEX ioGAS daily in their consulting work.

REFLEX ioGAS clients will now have access to more functionality through the software, allowing them to access the information they require, quickly and easily and further supporting their decision making process.

Newly added features include:

  • Attribute Manager Filter Tool – Subset your data on-the-fly and still have available all attributes for detailed analysis.
  • Downhole plots – View multiple drillholes or display each drillhole as a strip log. Overlay mineral and rock composition reference lines.
  • Self Organising Maps – Use Kohonen SOMs to classify samples and investigate element associations.
  • Auto Diagrams – Create customised classification diagrams with mathematically optimised decision boundaries which may be saved and applied to new data.
  • New CRM library – Use CRM data (including those supplied with REFLEX XRF rental kits) to evaluate QC data.
  • Performance Optimisation – Image rendering, memory use and file loading.
  • Direct data import – REFLEX XRF data may be imported from the REFLEX HUB directly into REFLEX ioGAS. Data copied to the clipboard in Excel is instantly available in REFLEX ioGAS.


These, together with a range of additional updates and features, make REFLEX ioGAS 6 the most comprehensive and efficient solution for geochemical and geometallurgical data analysis available today.

To find out more about REFLEX ioGAS 6, please click here or email: