The end-to-end Solution for Structural Logging

  • Make confident decisions based on accurate and reliable data you trust
  • Real time results from the field to your office for fast key business decisions
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The Ultimate Productivity Enabler

An end-to-end solution like the IMDEX STRUCTURAL-IQ™ solution offers all the associated benefits of working with one trusted technology provider for a complete solution. Resource companies can now benefit from operational efficiencies by utilising one company offering the integration of award winning technology to digitise key workflow processes, supported by unrivalled geological expertise.

Savings Across The Whole Of The Project

Save Time – with real-time accessible information, rapid logging and faster decision making capability.
Save Money – with instant access to trusted field data, benefit from using one service provider and the cost saving of not requiring on-site technicians.

End-to-End Solution in one place

All software based REFLEX tools are connected to the award winning cloud-based IMDEXHUB-IQ™, offering streamlined real-time data access, with a secure chain of custody and QA/QC.

IMDEX has developed its end-to-end STRUCTURAL-IQ™ solution so resource companies can benefit from real-time, secure access to verified structural data directly from the field, improving operational efficiencies and reducing risk from manual intervention.

IMDEX’s STRUCTURAL-IQ™ solution shows the quality of your ACT data in real-time, so you know the reliability of the orientation line your structural data collection relies on. Having the IMDEXHUB-IQ™ central to the overall solution also saves valuable time allowing easy combination of survey data from REFLEX Survey tools and structural data from the REFLEX IQ-LOGGER™. Finally, advanced interpretation and analysis can be conducted on all your valuable structural data by using the stereonet functionaity in the ioGAS™ software.



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