A: If large numbers of samples are being displayed and there are large numbers of plot windows open then performance may suffer.  Using the ‘tabbed windows’ option in the Window menu will improve performance. Try to close or minimise anyplots that are no longer being used. Examining small subsets of the data using the visibility toggles in the attribute manager will also greatly improve performance.

Try using one of the higher executable files found in the installation folder.  As users have computers of different memory capacities, ioGAS has developed a number of additional executable files which are designed to utilise more memory on computers with more RAM.  For example, the default ioGAS 32-bit installation executable file (ioGAS.exe) is designed for computers running 1Gb of RAM.  For users who are running 2Gb RAM computers and are having trouble opening or importing large files try running the ioGAS3.exe file or even the ioGAS4.exe file located in the program installation folder.  The 64-bit installation contains even higher exe files to utlitize up to 4 and 6 Gb of RAM respectively.  Each executable file has data limits based on the number of data cells that be opened (rows x columns), the number of cells that can be gridded or the number of points that can be displayed on a Scatter Plot Matrix (SPLOM).

For more information on these limits and how to use the additional executable files see:
Data Limits.pdf