Analysis of geochemical and exploratory data has just got better!

REFLEX is pleased to announce the release of the highly anticipated ioGAS 5.2.

REFLEX’s licensed software which currently assists geochemists around the world with the efficient analysis of their geochemical and exploratory data, now includes a number of improvements cementing its place as the analysis software of choice for geosciences professionals, globally.

Flexible licensing options have been included to ensure optimum use for companies at a realistic price, with the opportunity to share the licence and also use the software off line.

With considerable industry interest in on-site geoanalysis, the improved XRF data import utility will have a significant impact, making the relevant data available for easy analysis.

New diagrams, templates and additional functionality all combine to assist users to work efficiently and ensure confidence in the outcomes.

“Our team of specialist geochemists has provided valuable input in this update”, said REFLEX’s Dave Lawie, Global Product Manager, Geosciences, “to ensure that all upgrades and improvements meet the needs of today’s geochemists. REFLEX is always working on ways to stay ahead of demand through innovation which is based on real industry requirements.”