REFLEX will support and train our customers, wherever you are.

REFLEX provides comprehensive in-country support and in-field training with every solution we implement.

Reasons you can rely on REFLEX

The REFLEX person who provides your customised solution, trains your users

REFLEX has a thorough understanding of your drilling exploration operations, your team and your project requirements, so no time is wasted in getting up to speed and training can commence immediately

Comprehensive product knowledge

REFLEX develops, manufactures and services all our solutions, so every REFLEX person has an in-depth knowledge of, and experience in using, the products

Fast tool turnaround

REFLEX keeps an easily accessible, global stock of tools, so replacement tools are sent immediately to site should a fault arise, minimising downtime

High level QA/QC

Due to REFLEX’s extensive industry knowledge and experience, our team are equipped to review and check data from both a drilling and geological perspective.

In-field Technical Support and Training


  • General technical support and training provided on an as needs basis
  • Downhole navigation solutions, structural geology solutions and geosciences solutions are supported by a secure, cloud based operational and geological data collection and management system which includes basic QA/QC processes, data export capability, automated and ad-hoc reporting, data storage and full user log audit tracking
  • Fully supported repair and service facilities are strategically located in every major mining region, worldwide
IMDEXHUB-IQ™ Data Management Services

Managed implementation

  • A dedicated Project Manager ensures implementation is a smooth process
  • The required customization for solution fit is planned in close consultation with each client
  • Managed delivery with consultation to ensure end user acceptance and take up

Key user training

  • Service administration person and key staff – to organise administration of IMDEXHUB-IQ™
  • Training the trainer – key person on-site is trained to ensure every level of stakeholder is appropriately trained


  • Comprehensive support is included in the license fee
    • Dedicated Help Desk – online support centre
    • Phone support
    • Technical support
    • Disaster redundancy
    • Dedicated account manager and project manager
    • On-line and off-line end user solution documentation and quick start guides provided
    • This support is supplemented by detailed Go Live training.

New Features and Updates

  • Email communication provides information regarding any changes to IMDEXHUB-IQ™