A: The 3d plot origin will appear to be displaced from 0,0 when the plot window view is changed (from zooming and/or panning the view and rotating the data). The display mechanism of the 3d plot is divided into two components: the red-green-blue (RGB) axis lines for XYZ and the 0,0 point as marked by the numbers on the outer axis. When the displacement between 3d plot origin and (0,0) is observed, what you are seeing is the centre of the RGB axis being rotated away from the original location. The (0,0) point is the original location of the RGB axis origin before plot rotation. This is because after the plot rotation, it recalculates the RGB axis origin point from visible data points only (i.e. what you can see on the plot at the moment). The numbers on the outer panel are calculated as the distance to the median of variables based on all data in the plot. As the viewpoint is rotated away from the original location during rotation, the RGB origin is recalculated and therefore you will see an offset between the centre of the RGB axis lines and the original axis origin in the 3d plot (i.e. the (0,0) point).